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Are you looking for NEW and exciting ways to level up your brand, become confident in your sauce and GROW your business? Do you ever feel kind of stuck with your business’ growth? Almost like your business still has sooo much POTENTIAL but it hasn’t quite got there yet?

Whether your business is still just a baby, or you’ve been in the ‘game’ for yearsss, there’s always ROOM for improvement, right?

Have no fear because you are not alone. In fact, your situation is common, fixable & only temporary.

dream, learn and level up

let’s level up your
marketing, together.

Join us! Here at The Beauty of Marketing, we have put together our ULTIMATE ‘Level Up Your Branding & Marketing’ course to help YOU establish your brand, reach your ideal customer, learn the power of sales and hone in on the power of social media. We will also be sharing THREE fundamental marketing pillars which we believe to be iconic. This is not a course you can afford to miss!

The 3-day ‘level up your Branding & Marketing’ Course


What’s involved?

Setting up your brand

Establishing your brand

identifying & reaching your ideal customer

showing up online

the power of sales

The science of social media

Mindset & the battle of imposter syndrome

How to remain ambitious even when it feels like you’re falling behind

who is this course for?

  • EAmbitious entrepreneurs looking to level up their branding
  • EBoth start ups & established businesses
  • EBusiness owners who wish to improve their marketing strategy
  • EAnybody who wants to LEARN
  • EThose passionate about reaching their goals
  • EIf you are looking to gain industry-leading insight
  • EIf you want to improve your sales
  • EThose looking to gain financial freedom

Community Spirit!

gain access to our brand new facebook group when you enrol!

Never feel alone again when it comes to running your business and trying new ideas! When you enrol to our course, you will gain instant access to our Facebook group where you can soak up daily news, keep eachother accountable and (fingers crossed) make a ton of new friends. They say your network is your NETWORTH so let’s make our network worth something.

Our brand new Facebook community will be the heart of our course and we hope to see you there!


About Jasmine

“my journey to entrepreneurship
started when i left school at 17″

Hi, I’m Jasmine – a 24 year-old Entrepreneur, CEO of The Beauty of Marketing, and the author of Amazon Kindle ‘The Most Simple Way to Make a Million’.

My passion for business and marketing started when I got my first ever office job at just age 17 after I dropped out of college to go straight into the world of work. Although I enjoyed school, I wasn’t too excited by the idea of pursing further education. I knew I wanted to run a business in the future so I figured the best way to learn was by working in one. By age 18, I got the opportunity to land a really exciting marketing role in government where I was fortunate enough to attain my Diploma in Marketing & Brand Communication. Since then, I’ve embarked on many careers within marketing across NHS, marketing agencies and small businesses.

For the past 5 years I have put sweat, blood and tears into building my marketing agency, The Beauty of Marketing, where I have helped 100s brands and businesses (worldwide) succeed in marketing. Today, my #1 mission is to help as many businesses  succeed and optimise their growth through strategic branding & marketing.


why enrol onto this course?

  • NGain insight into top-of-the-range marketing tactics
  • NLearn how to get your business seen online
  • NContent-heavy online classes spread across 3 days
  • NMeet new like-minded people & be part of a community
  • NOn-going support in our brand new FB group
  • NAffordable, insightful & applicable
  • NExpert advise and knowledge
  • NTake time to sit back, learn and establish your brand
  • NGrow your business & improve your mindset

The 3-day ‘level up your Branding & Marketing’ Course

Enrol now!

20, 21 & 22 june 2022








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